We are dedicated to maternity healthcare services. Practically we have dedicated maternity floor which include round the clock gynecologist, pediatric services, medical officers.

Hospital equipped to handle any emergency including all high risk pregnancies. We have good supporting neonatal unit ready to serve any preterm or sick neonate.

Our rooms are designs to feel as close to home as possible and we are equipped to give the reassurance of safety.

We guaranty one to one care during labour and a consultant anesthetic is available on call to provide pain relief.

We have state of our screening equipment Voluson E8 expert DT 13.5.

We offer educational classes to prepare you for child birth and exercise classes to help maintain general fitness and get your body ready for having a baby and get back to normal shape postpartum.

We have lactation consultant who can offer practical breast feeding advice.

We have well equipped NICU and PICU under care of Dr. Minol Amin to help care of your neonate and allow you to relax.

We have fully equipped operation theater, NICU,PICU, labour room.Safety is our biggest priority ,we have tie up with reputed blood banks in case of emergency we manage blood product fastest possible.

Welcome to Ladycare Hospital
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